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Ocean Power ASO experts make mobile apps attractive to users in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You don’t need to spend a lot of time understanding promotion strategies: just trust us with your product, and you can calmly concentrate on developing a new one. Meanwhile, we will make your app more visible among millions of other applications.


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ASO Professional Services

ASO expertise is beneficial for various individuals and entities involved in mobile app development and marketing. An ASO strategy implemented by Ocean Power involves a comprehensive and tailored approach to maximise your app’s chances of being discovered among thousands of apps available. Our unique strategy includes product page optimization, ASO audit, A/B testing, keyword research, and teaser/trailer creation. 

The main goal of product page optimization in the app store is to enhance the app's discoverability, attract potential users, and ultimately increase downloads. To achieve the finest results, Ocean Power works on visual optimization of assets, correction of headings, capacious subtitles (iOS) and short descriptions (Android), search-optimised description, localization, incentivization of ratings and reviews, and active app support.

ASO Audit

This step is the key one in the ASO checklist. Consider it as a health check for your app. It ensures that your application is optimized for visibility, user engagement, and success in the competitive app marketplace. Ocean ASO Agency uses analytics tools to monitor your app’s performance and provides reports on key metrics.

A/B Testing for ASO

By conducting A/B testing (also known as ASO split testing), Ocean Power ASO Agency optimises app store elements for better visibility, user engagement, conversion rates, and other desired metrics. It involves presenting different variations (A and B) of the app store page element to different groups of users and analysing the data to understand which version is more effective in achieving specific goals.

Keywords Research for ASO

This process includes identifying and selecting relevant keywords to optimise various elements of an app’s metadata. Our team uses special ASO tools to research data on keyword rankings, search volume, and competitiveness. Also, Ocean Power’s ASO specialists implement selected keywords, monitor their effectiveness, and regularly update the list so that your app remains relevant and competitive in the app store.

ASO Video

ASO videos are short clips that showcase mobile application’s main features, functionalities, and user experience samples. ASO clips are specifically designed to be included in the product page on app stores, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, to provide potential users with a visual preview of what the app offers. Our team’s task is not only to prepare an ASO preview video but also to take into account the specifications of the recommendations of each app store platform. Different platforms may have special requirements for video resolution, aspect ratio, etc.

Google App Store Optimization

In Google Play, the main element for embedding metadata is a full description of the app of a specific length. ASO on Google Play is more like classic SEO – it works with text, description, and frequency of mentions. The description and headline affect the conversion rate in app stores, and Ocean Power provides the most creative and effective solutions.

Apple App Store Optimization

The Apple store employs a “ladder visibility” strategy. Initially, the app is listed for a limited number of key queries. Over time, the store gradually expands the number of queries, increasing the app’s visibility in search results from a few key terms to hundreds. Ocean Power experts are adept at managing and optimising these visibility “ladders.”

The App Store of the Cupertino company has shorter indexing cycles, typically lasting 1-2 weeks, compared to the Android app store. During these cycles, inferences are drawn, and metadata can be replaced. Unlike the Android app store, in the App Store, this process requires updating the build. Consequently, this leads to improvements in the app's position in search results, enhanced indexing, and organic traffic increase.

Ocean Power experts also help with cross-localization in the App Store, which allows to increase your app's visibility in different countries by adding keywords in different languages.

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    What is a full-service ASO agency?

    A full-service ASO agency provides app developers and SMBs with expertise and services to optimise the visibility and performance of mobile apps in app stores. An example of such an agency is Ocean Power ASO Company. Our goal is to maximise your app's visibility, make it searchable, attract your target audience, and increase app downloads and user engagement.

    What does ASO mean?

    ASO (App Store Optimization) – comprehensive app optimization for App Store or Google Play algorithms. It includes the selection of keywords, full text and visual adaptation, creation of a promotional video, and localization.

    How much does ASO cost?

    There are many parameters, so if you want to make a calculation you need to fill out the feedback form.

    What does ASO mean in marketing?

    In marketing, ASO is a set of measures for search engine optimization of an app in mobile stores, which reduces the costs of marketing activities. In addition, ASO helps to achieve greater results from contextual advertising, targeting, and other marketing activities.

    How does ASO work?

    ASO is one of the ways to raise a service in the rankings and increase the number of downloads through the selection of keywords and proper visual design. ASO works on the principle of SEO promotion, but instead of websites, it works with mobile services. The main emphasis is on metadata - title, icons, descriptions and texts, videos, screenshots, and keywords.

    What is the goal of ASO?

    The goal of ASO is to make the app more visible to the user in the ranking, increase the percentage of organic downloads, and most importantly, increase the conversion among users who saw the app in the store.

    ASO vs SEO

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what you do with your website to improve its ranking in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) for a specific query (keywords). To do this, you change the content, adjust technical parameters, add external links - all in order to attract more organic users to your site. ASO (App Store Optimization) is how you fill with content and promote your app’s page in store searches (App Store, Google Play, etc.) to increase its ranking for keywords. The ultimate goal of these actions is to increase organic downloads.
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