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As a top-notch digital marketing agency with experts in every field of web marketing, Ocean Power offers Paid Media Services that are thoughtfully designed to take your business to greater heights. It is time to start using all the benefits of paid media and witness the incredible results of our bespoke and targeted methods that will boost your brand's online presence.


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Pay-per-click Management

Ocean Power’s Pay-per-click Management services are your key to impactful advertising. Our experts in PPC advertising not only manage clicks but also develop an individualized strategy that harnesses the power of multiple influential platforms, from Amazon to Google PPC services and many others. Our Pay-per-click is designed to cater to businesses of all types, ensuring we effectively connect with your target audience and optimize your campaigns for measurable success. By prioritizing quality over quantity, we turn clicks into meaningful engagements, driving conversions, as every click is important.


PPC Keyword Research

Ocean Power specializes in providing customized keyword research for Pay-per-click solutions. Our main focus is on utilizing industry-specific terms and phrases to effectively reach your future customers through PPC keywords. Unlike generic keyword lists, our approach involves understanding the search behaviour and intent of the target audience. Being professionals in every PPC keyword tool and using extensive research and analysis of industry trends, competitor strategies, and search patterns, we develop a thorough and effective keyword strategy. By utilizing Ocean Power’s keyword research services, businesses of any size can elevate the performance of their PPC campaigns, leading to higher quality leads and strengthening their online presence.


Pay-per-click Audit

The effectiveness of PPC campaigns can directly impact ROI (Return on investment ratio), making it essential for any business to have a comprehensive understanding of its performance. Ocean Power’s PPC Audits delve deep into the performance metrics that matter most to a business’s success. From click-through rates to conversion tracking, we fully audit your PPC strategy and leave no stone unturned to identify areas for optimization and improvement.


PPC Analysis

Ocean Power’s expert crew thoroughly examines the strategies employed by your competitors, offering valuable insights that will enhance the effectiveness of your own campaigns. We use competitive PPC analysis and all our expertise for your business to benefit from dynamic PPC campaigns that adhere to industry standards. One of the key aspects of this analysis is studying your competitors’ keywords and ad copy. By identifying the keywords they are targeting and analyzing the effectiveness of their ad copy with the latest PPC analysis tools, we can refine your PPC campaigns to better compete in the market.


Local Pay-per-click Service

Dominate your local market with Ocean Power’s Local PPC Management services. As a tailored approach for businesses targeting specific geographical areas, our strategies resonate with the local target audience, driving valuable traffic and boosting regional brand presence.



Retargeting agencies take advantage of strategic approaches to engage your audience even after they’ve left your page. With a focus on LinkedIn retargeting, Instagram retargeting, YouTube retargeting, and more, Ocean Power Retargeting services ensure your brand remains front and center in the minds of your audience.

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Reporting & Refinement

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    What is the difference between paid media and PR?

    Paid media involves the use of paid channels such as advertising to reach an audience, while PR focuses on earned media through strategic communication efforts. While paid media offers guaranteed visibility through ads, PR strives for organic coverage through strong media relationships and communication tactics.

    How large should my PPC budget be?

    When it comes to determining your PPC budget, there are multiple factors to consider, such as the level of competition in your industry, your business objectives, and your target audience. Our skilled professionals will carefully evaluate your individual needs and offer personalized suggestions for a PPC budget that will drive success for your business.

    How long does it take to launch a Paid Media campaign?

    The timeline for launching a paid media campaign varies based on the complexity of the strategy, platform selection, and campaign goals. However, at Ocean Power, we prioritize efficient planning and execution to expedite the process and meet the specific requirements of your campaign.

    Do ad campaigns need a test period?

    Yes, including a test period in your ad campaigns is essential for perfecting strategies, pinpointing ideal audiences, and maximizing results. We strongly suggest incorporating test periods to gather invaluable data and insights for the continuous improvement of your campaign.

    How long should an ad campaign run?

    The ideal duration for a campaign depends on campaign goals, industry trends, and business objectives. Ocean Power’s specialists will take all of these factors into account and provide an optimal campaign duration for maximum impact.

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