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Ocean Power Ltd offers upmarket online legal services that allow companies and individuals to get helpful legal advice and create legal documents for various purposes. All it takes to get help as promptly as practicable is to contact the Ocean Power support team via email or phone.

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We offer the top market complete legal outsourcing services solution. It is the best option you can find for managing routine document processing. Ocean Power Ltd team of industry experts offers reliable and top-market representation to each client. With our assistance, you can keep focused on primary projects while our high-powered professionals take heed to manage all legal routines. Additionally, we provide WordPress development services, ensuring your online presence is robust and effective.

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International Corporate Services

Due to our international corporate services, you can be sure that doing business in other countries will never be a problem. You’ll see the true value of our solution and will be able to focus on your business goals while a dedicated representative from Ocean Power Ltd manages all global corporate compliances on your behalf.

With our international corporate services, you get quick responses in every time zone, cost-effective rates, durability, safety, coordination across multiple jurisdictions, and even expertise in local jurisdiction corporate matters.

Companies Formation

Launching a new business in a foreign jurisdiction can be quite challenging. Innumerable details of different languages, multi-currency costs, UTC offset, different procedures and obligations deeply vary from one country to another and sometimes even from state to state, province to province and city to city. Company formation services  offer the most convenient way to wade through all that bureaucratic acrimony in the modern market.

Ocean Power Ltd is the leading industry cross-border company formations expert that provides its services globally. Independently of your issue, our incorporation experts are always ready to help with any challenge in structuring new entities in full compliance with official timelines and strict accordance with actual local legislation and regulations.

Ocean Power Ltd is the leading industry expert in cross-border company formations, providing its services globally. Regardless of your issue, our incorporation experts are always ready to help with any challenge in structuring new entities in full compliance with official timelines and strict accordance with actual local legislation and regulations.

Merger and Acquisition

Avoid risks and ensure a seamless transition with Ocean Power Ltd. Delegating the expansion of your business to exterior territories can be a hard decision. Ocean Power gives its clients a unique and outstanding option to avoid  the extra expenses of hiring experts individually in each country of future presence. Whether it is a merger, initial public offering, organic growth, divestiture, merger, acquisition, carve-out, or spin-off, our team of experts is ready to support you. We are ready to ensure a smooth global integration of your expanding businesses.

Mergers and acquisitions can become a complex challenge for any business. But in cooperation with a top-market specialist like Ocean Power Ltd, you can mitigate risks and make grounded decisions that will lead you to success. The transition of any scale requires a whole list of topical issues that must be considered. The major part of them is due diligence.  We are at your service to ensure that your business clearly understands all risks and impacts that may arise.

Regulatory Compliance And Arbitration

In the current environment where regulations are constantly changing, it is clear that effective compliance with legislation and avoidance of regulatory issues are critically important for our local and international clients. Skilled professionals from Ocean Power Ltd also advise on regulatory law and support regulatory compliance processes. We also offer extensive  experience in multi-jurisdictional, local, and technically challenging arbitration of any level of complexity.


Breach of Confidence

Businesses all over the world generate tons of sensitive or crucial information daily. Quite frequently, their profit depends on it. Such confidential information is an inalienable part of business operations. Alas, for various reasons, breaches of confidential information that can be used against the business or otherwise to its detriment sometimes occur. Ocean Power Ltd is ready to take care of your representation in case of a breach of confidence to help your business recover all damages.


Breaches of Privacy Online

Cybersecurity evolves continuously. Nevertheless, data breaches still happen. When it comes to breaches of a business’s online privacy, notifying the regulator and affected individuals must be done in accordance with legislation. A response plan is critically important and requires correct handling of all legal procedures associated with breaches of privacy online. Regulations of such situations are governed differently by various laws from country to country. Ocean Power Ltd is ready to guide you with all the necessary information and even consult on how to avoid such issues.

Data Protection and GDPR

Data privacy documentation and commercial agreements should be regularly reviewed to reflect all legislation changes in the operations of the business. Ocean Power Ltd’s data privacy specialists are always ready to help you with any issue concerning data protection and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).. We will help you solve all time-consuming tasks of any complexity associated with updating, reviewing or creating commercial agreements and data protection documentation in alignment with the GDPR.

Misuse of Data

It is just an enquiry of time before all governments worldwide implement laws to protect people from data misuse. Regulatory compliance and prevention of data misuse are incredibly important for businesses that collect data from users around the globe. Ocean Power Ltd will help your business in understanding and adhering to all compliance frameworks in any country.

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