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Our team has years of experience in gambling SEO.. The slightest errors in SEO strategy can lead to negative consequences. We are always one step ahead, using powerful casino SEO techniques to make sure the sites we promote rank high in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results.



OceanPower specializes in gambling SEO and employs various strategies to enhance the online visibility and rankings of casino-related websites. Here’s how we do it.

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Why SEO?

Why Casino SEO Offers Better Long-Term ROI?

According to recent studies, prioritizing casino SEO over Affiliate Marketing causes a significant ROI. Investments incasino SEO ensure that all profits from players remain in the owner’s balance. Affiliate Marketing takes 40% to 60% of profits on an ongoing basis.

Often, affiliates themselves handle the SEO of their sites, investing the same amount of money as a casino owner might spend on SEO for their casino. Statistics show that after 12 months, SEO costs begin to pay off. Within 2–3 years, SEO can lead to profits 2–3 times higher than Affiliate Marketing.

Why Ocean Power is the Best Casino Seo Agency?

Ocean Power Team 20+


Ocean Power Agency’s SEO team consists of senior-level specialists with at least 5 years of experience in SEO and at least 3 years of expertise in Casino SEO. We take a comprehensive approach to the casino promotion process.  It includes an instant opportunity to make changes to the code and design, technical, on-page, and off-page optimization, analysis of competitors, and market-specific keyword research. Equipped with the best SEO promotion tools, we assemble an expert team for each project to accompany it from idea to implementation and further support.

Our online reputation management and SMM services boostplayers’ confidence in the client’s casino.


Full-Service Marketing Agency


Ocean Power specialists employ a variety of methods, including:


  • creating expert-level casino content;
  • contacting large industry platforms and posting useful articles there;
  • building a private blog network (PBN) to strengthen the link profile if necessary;
  • implementation of user-generated content on the client’s site according to the latest Google trends;
  • building a long-term casino SEO strategy based on SEO audit, competitor analysis, and tailored approach in promoting to a specific market;
  • using UGC platforms such as Quora and Reddit to increase brand visibility and gambler loyalty;
  • optimization of multilingual websites in various markets.


You don’t need to spend time understanding optimization strategies: just trust us with your casino search engine optimization, and you can calmly concentrate on developing other aspects of your online gambling business. In the meantime, we will make your online casino more visible and attractive among thousands of other online casinos.

Casino SEO Strategy

Our Key SEO Services

Organic traffic is valuable because it is a targeted source of leads - users are looking for casinos to play or a specific game from a certain developer. This means that converting them into registered players is much easier. Since one of our goals is to attract warm leads from all over the world to the client’s website, we offer services tailored to various geographical locationsand languages. With insights into each country's specifics and player preferences, we stay abreast of online casino niche trends. Our operations span markets such as Europe, North America, LATAM, and Australia.

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Gambling SEO Audit

SEO Audit

Before starting work, Ocean Power’s top-notch specialists run a highly detailed SEO audit of your website. It’s a base for strategy building. Our extensive SEO audit checklist enables us to identify all on-page SEO and off-page SEO shortcomings or errors. We know for sure that every point on this checklist is crucial. Our top-notch team analyses competitors in every country where online casino services are available. This shows us the areas in your optimization strategy that require enhancement.

The Ocean Power agency team collaborates with gambling sites of any scale. We help our clients in developing a casino from scratch or improving an existing one. Our professionals guarantee an increase in the number of gamblers and, if necessary, expand your business to new countries.

Casino Keyword Research

Casino Keywords Research

Relevant keywords help capture players with diverse interests and obtain highly converting organic traffic from search engines. We excelat creating the semantic core for your website based on your location and language. This allows us to build the correct site structure or adjust the existing one. Keyword clustering is one of the stages in compiling a semantic core. It begins after clearing the semantic core of irrelevant keywords. Without clustering, site pages may not be tailored to a specific group of keywords and mayhave problems with ranking. We can build it from scratch for a new website or the existing casino where we run the SEO audit. Our experienced SEO specialists collect highly effective keywords and use them to createtitles and headlines that will attract new players.


It is important to monitor all the iGaming trends because new games appear and players’ priorities change. Besides the standard keyword analysis, we increase the conversion of casino visitors into gamblers. This is a hard-to-find service in the SEO services market, so Ocean Power stands out as a full-service gambling SEO agency.

Casino Content Writing

Content Creation

Today, the most popular Google algorithms that can impact a website negatively are the algorithms E-E-A-T (Expertise, Experience, Authority, Trust) and YMYL (Your Money, Your Life). The online casino  industry is subject to these algorithms, so knowing them allows our team to ensure your website maintains its position in SERPs. Adhering tothese algorithms, content authority is easily achieved because it’s authored or reviewed by experts in the field. Therefore, we excel in creating original content that includes opinions and quotes from gambling industry experts and researchers studying gambling addiction.


We adopt a comprehensive approach to content creation, incorporating various elements of text content (e.g., comparative lists of service/site options), images,and videos (infographics, 2D & 3D motion animation, shorts, and reels|). Another element is UGC (user-generated content). Website pages need to rank in high positions in search engines. That’s why on one page we can place various types of content, which is highly evaluated by Google. Our professionals are ready to create texts about the best gaming strategies, game reviews, and lists of top games to attract a wide range of players.

Link Building for Casino Websites

Link Building for Casino Sites

Online gambling business owners face the reluctant attitude of various websites to publish casino-related articles and place casino-related links. Over the years, our team has been working in this direction and we have made our list of high-quality online resources, where our casino link builders can place links or post articles with links to casino sites. This database is regularly updated, with only high-quality sites being added. Our network of outreach resources and work experience contribute to increasing backlink profile in a short time.

Link buildingon high-quality websites isn’t cheap, but clients will seethe benefits of such an investment. First of all, this will be reflected in higher rankings on the Google search engine.

Multi-Regional Casino SEO

Multilingual and Multi-Regional SEO

It’s crucial to find out about the laws of a particular country or state, its cultural features, and players' game preferences before providing online gambling services in that locality. The Ocean Power team already has this knowledge and our native copywriters are ready to create the content in the language of the country where your website is being optimized. We have experience working in the countries presented below, and we are ready to share the features of casino SEO in each of them. In particular, it is important to take into account the keywords of local gamblers in search engines. Keywords may be related to payment methods for making deposits and withdrawals available in these countries, or new and popular games, bonuses, tournaments, etc. For example, in Australia, casino deposits from credit cards are prohibited, and it influences the keywords from gamblers.

Multilingual Gambling SEO

The Canadian gambling market is highly competitive due to the population's robust purchasing power and the prevalence of offline casinos. Strategies employed to drive organic traffic include official online casinos, offshore online casinos, review sites, and niche gambling blogs. The most popular online casinos by monthly visits according to SimilarWeb are Jackpot City - 188k, Yukon Gold - 86k, Royal Vegas - 9k, Zodiac - 131k, and Spin - 23k.


In Germany, online gambling is gaining traction due to its convenience, diverse gaming options, and accessibility. The ease of accessing online platforms from home, coupled with a wide array of games and betting choices, appeals to a broader audience. The rising popularity of mobile devices facilitates on-the-go gambling. Advanced technologies like virtual reality and live streaming enhance the gambling experience, attracting more customers. Additionally, innovative payment methods such as cryptocurrency and digital wallets simplify transactions, fueling market growth.


In Australia, customer preferences have shifted towards online gambling due to its convenience and accessibility. The widespread use of smartphones and enhanced internet connectivity has led more people to choose online gambling over traditional venues. These platforms offer diverse gaming options, catering to individual preferences, and the ability to gamble from home is particularly appealing to many Australians seeking convenience.

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    How is gambling SEO different from traditional SEO?

    In general, iGaming SEO is performed according to the same rules as traditional SEO, the difference lies in the nuances. Keywords in the field of gambling change often for several reasons (growing competition in the industry, the rapid emergence of new trends and gaming products, constantly changing rules, etc.). If a game is banned in a country or state, keywords related to that game may receive fewer searches from people in that area.

    Should I Hire an SEO Agency for iGaming SEO Services?

    Yes! A specialized SEO agency for iGaming can significantly boost your online presence and attract relevant traffic. The leading player in the online gambling services market is Ocean Power. With our industry-specific expertise, we can develop tailored strategies that address the unique challenges and regulations of the iGaming sector, giving us an advantage over general SEO agencies.

    How to Pick the Top iGaming SEO Agency?

    When choosing the right iGaming SEO agency, look at their experience in the industry, success stories with similar clients, the services they offer, and the expertise of their team. Opt for agencies that value clear communication, offer comprehensive reports, and create customized strategies aligned with your business objectives. Checking client testimonials and reviews can also give insight into their reputation and trustworthiness as an iGaming SEO agency. The Ocean Power SEO Agency meets all the above requirements, remaining the number one choice for many business players in the iGaming market. Contact us!

    What Do Ocean Power Clients Receive Besides SEO Services?

    Ocean Power stands out among other SEO agencies in that we offer an integrated approach to website optimization and promotion in addition to casino SEO. You get all the necessary services from one agency! The Ocean Power’s web development team makes code reviews and then improves website performance and load speed. It allows you to get a quickly and efficiently working gambling website that is attractive both for search engines and gamblers. SMM team works with brand visibility and reputation in social media and this strategy helps attract new gamblers via social media channels. We work with a network of private advertising brands that sell gambling traffic. We also provide such services as online reputation management, content creation, video production, and digital marketing.