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The Ocean Power agency team has years of experience in the gambling SEO. It's a highly competitive niche with close attention from the search giant Google. The slightest errors in SEO strategy can lead to negative consequences. We are always one step ahead, using powerful casino SEO techniques to make sure the sites we promote rank high in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results.

Why Ocean Power is the Best Casino SEO Agency?




Gambling SEO Services

Highly Targeted Promotion. Organic traffic has the highest visitor click-through rate (CTR) among players, making SEO a must-have for any casino. We offer services tailored to various geos and languages. With insights into each country’s specifics and player preferences, we stay abreast of online casino niche trends and legislative changes to deliver top-notch service to our clients. Our operations span markets such as Europe, North America, LatAm, and Australia. We work with English and different European languages.

In-depth SEO Audit

Before the start of the work, Ocean Power’s top-notch specialists run a highly detailed SEO audit of your website. It’s a base for strategy building. The wide SEO audit checklist allows us to identify all on-page SEO and off-page SEO shortcomings or errors. We know for sure: that all the points in this checklist are crucial. Our top-notch team analyses competitors in every country where online casino services are available. This shows us the areas in your optimization strategy that need to be enhanced.

The Ocean Power agency team works with gambling sites of any scale. We help our clients to develop the casino from scratch or we can improve the casino that already exists. Our professionals guarantee an increase in the number of gamblers and if necessary, expand your business to the new countries.


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    Gambling Keywords Research

    Relevant keywords help capture players with diverse interests and obtain highly converting organic traffic from search engines. We are professional at creating the semantic core for your website based on your location and language. This allows us to build the correct site structure or adjust the existing one. Keyword clustering is one of the stages in compiling a semantic core. It is started after the semantic core has been cleared of useless keys that are inappropriate in meaning. Without clustering, site pages will not be tailored to a specific group of keywords and will have problems with ranking. We can build it from scratch for a new website or the existing casino where we run the SEO audit. Our experienced SEO specialists collect highly effective keywords and use them creating titles and headlines that will attract new players.


    It is important to monitor all the iGaming trends because new games appear and the players’ priorities change. Besides the standard keyword analysis, we increase the conversion of casino visitors into gamblers. This is a hard-to-find service in the SEO services market, so Ocean Power stands out as a full-service gambling SEO agency.

    Content Creation for Casino Sites

    Today the most popular Google algorithms that can lead to negative consequences for a website are the algorithms E-E-A-T (Expertise, Experience, Authority, Trust) and YMYL (Your Money, Your Life). The online casino sphere falls under these algorithms, so knowing them allows our team to succeed without a decrease in your website’s positions in SERPs. By these algorithms, the authority of content is easily achieved because it’s written or reviewed by this field’s experts. So we are skilled in creating original content that includes opinions and quotes from gambling industry experts and scientists researching gambling addiction.

    We have a complex approach to creating the content and we use various elements of text content (e.g., comparative lists of service/site options), pictures and videos (infographics, 2D & 3D motion (animation), shorts, and reels. Another element is UGC (user-generated content). Website pages need to rank in high positions in search engines. That’s why on one page we can place various types of content, which is highly evaluated by Google. Our professionals are ready to create texts about the best strategies in games, game reviews, and lists of top games to attract a wide range of players.

    Our Experience in the following Geos

    It’s crucial to find out about the laws of a particular country or state, its cultural features, and players’ game preferences before providing online gambling services in that locality. The Ocean Power team already has this knowledge and our native copywriters are ready to create the content in the language of the country where your website is being optimized. We have experience working in the countries presented below, and we are ready to share the features of casino SEO in each of them.

    In particular, it is important to take into account the keywords of local gamblers in search engines. Keywords may be related to payment methods for making deposits and withdrawals available in these countries, or new and popular games, bonuses, tournaments, etc. For example, in Australia, casino deposits from credit cards are prohibited, and it influences the keywords from gamblers.



    According to the law, the local online gambling market with its online platforms is fully regulated by the authorities in each province separately, and the foreign online gambling market remains unregulated everywhere except in the province of Ontario. From April 2022, online gambling operators who apply for registration with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) can offer their services in Ontario. Advertising for online casinos is only allowed for companies registered on the Canadian market, and foreign offshore operators are not allowed to advertise their services.



    Online gambling is legalized in Delaware, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia in the USA. However, there are some restrictions under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. Online gambling operators are prohibited from accepting payment for gambling activities from players who place online bets in states where gambling is prohibited. The law imposes criminal liability for violations, but it applies to operators rather than players.



    At the moment, a project to legalize online casinos is gradually being implemented in Brazil. Supporters of the project argue that without the adoption of a law, betting will continue without control and money will go out of the state budget. To attract the Brazilian audience, it’s recommended to use event marketing and keywords related to national holidays and festivals. Pay attention to the colors of virtual banners advertising bonuses and promotions. Brazilians are patriotic, so the colors of the Brazilian flag will be perceived very favorably. It’s better to avoid the color purple as it is associated with mourning.



    Online gambling operators located outside Nigeria must obtain a remote operator permit from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC). This permit is issued for five years. Foreign operators who have received permission can advertise their online gaming services in Nigeria (even in Nigerian print media). Operators who are authorized do not have to establish a local subsidiary in Nigeria if they have filed a non-resident registration request with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). Foreign operators have the right to provide casino games, slots, poker, bingo, and sports betting to Nigerians. Unskilled card games, roulette, and dice games are prohibited.



    Australia still uses the Interactive Gambling Act, adopted in 2001, according to which the provision of online gambling services to Australians is prohibited. However, there are some exceptions for regulated entities. Players who use a VPN to access offshore online casinos may face financial and legal problems. The Interactive Gambling Amendment (Credit and Other Measures) Bill, approved in 2023, will come into effect in the first half of 2024. According to the law, the use of credit cards and digital currencies as payment methods for online gambling is prohibited.



    Online gambling in Sweden is regulated, and from 2024 there is also a stricter requirement for gambling companies with a Swedish license to request access to players’ financial and health data to best promote Responsible Gaming policies.



    Gaming activities in Denmark are regulated by the Danish Gaming Authority (DGA). Without a Danish license, the operator is not allowed to start operations in Denmark until a cross-border permit is obtained. Even with a Danish license, the operator does not have the right to provide loans to players and offer online lotteries, since lotteries in Denmark are a state monopoly. By law, a website must first be available in Danish, and then in other languages.



    In Norway, only certain areas of government-controlled gaming are allowed. Two state-owned companies have an official license, one of which launched an online casino with the permission of the authorities so that Norwegians’ money stays in the country. However, Norwegians play in offshore online casinos and are forced to look for special ways to fund their gaming accounts, since this is prohibited by a law passed in 2010 using local credit cards.



    Online casinos in Italy have several restrictions, for example in games. Thus, Italians playing in local online casinos do not have access to slots and roulette with a progressive jackpot. A casino license in Italy could be revoked for violating a 2012 law banning gambling advertising. The casino is regulated by the Customs and Monopolies Agency.



    Until 2021, German players were limited in online gambling games, until the Interstate Gambling Law (Glücksspielstaatsvertrag) came into force. Germany only requires operators to have a valid German license to legally provide their service. Ads for online casinos in Germany are prohibited from 06:00 to 21:00, targeted gambling-related ads are strictly limited.



    Regulation of online gambling in Greece today is very strict. The state-owned company OPAP has a monopoly on the provision of online games until 2030. Foreign operators who do not have a license are constantly added to the blacklist. Government Internet providers regularly check the current list of data and block offshore unlicensed domains listed in it. These operators can no longer apply for a license in Greece. The good news is that the law is gradually changing. According to preliminary data, new online gaming operators will soon be able to legally provide their services on the Greek market. But so far there is no exact list of requirements for obtaining licenses.



    Serbia currently has a gambling law that came into force in 2020. Gambling activities in Serbia are strictly regulated by the state. Access to offshore or unlicensed online gambling sites is prohibited for residents of Serbia. The government does not prosecute players who play on such sites, but it carefully maintains a list of prohibited gaming resources. Foreign operators who want to offer their services to Serbian players must register a company in Serbia or any country in the European Economic Area. They also need to apply for a gambling license. The license is valid for 10 years.


    United Kingdom

    All operators based in the UK or offering their services to UK players are licensed by the local regulator, the UKGC. The UKGC also monitors operators’ compliance with the Gambling Act 2005. Since this law lags behind industry trends (we are talking about cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based entertainment) and has not yet been revised, a British license is not the best option for crypto operators.

    How is SEO beneficial for Online Gambling?

    SEO is the best option for gambling sites since other traffic sources are less accessible and have low conversion. Site owners compete for limited traffic and find it difficult to hire a really good agency to optimize their sites. Moreover, in different countries can be restrictions to posting the gambling context in the media. So, the organic traffic from search engines remains the best one for attracting players in the cost-to-result ratio.

    There are private advertising networks that offer gambling traffic. Based on our experience we can say, that this traffic is low quality and it does not convert well into real players. It’s no secret that users are reluctant to click on ads in search results because they don’t trust them. But the users are most willing to click on website search results.

    How does Ocean Power make perfect gambling SEO?

    OceanPower is specializing in gambling SEO and can employ various strategies to enhance the online visibility and rankings of gambling-related websites. Here’s how we do it.


    We run highly detailed casino SEO audits and competitive analysis.


    Our specialists create and present the strategy for 3-6-12 months for the client.


    We appoint a personal project manager and form a team depending on the approved tasks.


    Our managers conduct a monthly meeting with the client and provide a report on completed tasks and changes in site positions.


    We constantly analyze competitors, monitor Google updates, and adjust the strategy if it is needed.


    How is gambling SEO different from traditional SEO?

    In general, iGaming SEO is performed according to the same rules as traditional SEO, the difference lies in the nuances. Keywords in the field of gambling change often for several reasons (growing competition in the industry, the rapid emergence of new trends and gaming products, constantly changing rules, etc.). If a game is banned in a country or state, keywords related to that game may receive fewer searches from people in that area.

    Should I Hire an SEO Agency for iGaming SEO Services?

    Yes! A specialized SEO agency for iGaming can significantly boost your online presence and attract relevant traffic. The leading player in the online gambling services market is Ocean Power. With our industry-specific expertise, we can develop tailored strategies that address the unique challenges and regulations of the iGaming sector, giving us an advantage over general SEO agencies.

    How to Pick the Top iGaming SEO Agency?

    When choosing the right iGaming SEO agency, look at their experience in the industry, success stories with similar clients, the services they offer, and the expertise of their team. Opt for agencies that value clear communication, offer comprehensive reports, and create customized strategies aligned with your business objectives. Checking client testimonials and reviews can also give insight into their reputation and trustworthiness as an iGaming SEO agency. The Ocean Power SEO Agency meets all the above requirements, remaining the number one choice for many business players in the iGaming market. Contact us!

    Wide Range of Services

    Ocean Power stands out among other SEO agencies in that we offer an integrated approach to website optimization and promotion in addition to casino SEO. You get all the necessary services from one agency! The Ocean Power’s web development team makes code reviews and then improves website performance and load speed. It allows you to get a quickly and efficiently working gambling website, that is attractive both for search engines and gamblers. SMM team works with brand visibility and reputation in social media and this strategy helps attract new gamblers via social media channels. We work with a network of private advertising brands that sell gambling traffic. We also provide such services as online reputation management, content creation, video production, and digital marketing.

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